Nation of Hawai'i and Aloha Peace Foundation
announces collaboration with researchers from

MIT Media Lab, MIT Connection Science and Stellaris Scientific LLC

Research Collaboration


Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Connection Science and MIT Media Lab and Stellaris Scientific, LLC, are working together with Nation of Hawai‘i and Aloha Peace Foundation to build a fully sustainable and functioning community based Living Lab.

The collaboration will help to accelerate social equity through responsible use of technology, big data and network science. This collaboration will provide a unique opportunity for Nation of Hawai‘i to show locally and the rest of the world all that IS possible on the blockchain.

Stay tuned as we will provide more information.

Projects at Nation of Hawaii

organized by LAND OF ALOHA and backed by ALOHA COIN KK


Some ongoing Land of Aloha projects at Pu'uhonua O Waimanalo Village:

  • Development of an official reserve currency for indigenous peoples, including the Nation of Hawaii, using blockchain technology.

  • Sustainable agriculture development.

  • Native Hawaiian housing units to provide low or no cost housing.

  • Eco-Farm Hale Retreats to provide non-Native Hawaiians accommodations to experience and learn sustainable and mindful living.

  • Off grid water purification and revitalization.

  • Off grid renewable energy generation.

  • Medical clinic based on proven Hawaiian and Oriental traditional methods.


Some future projects in the pipeline include:

  • Develop a settlement platform system for ALOHA COIN KK. (There are currently about 2,000 businesses showing interest in accepting ALOHA COIN KK as a settlement means.)

  • Create a "SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE’ under the Nation of Hawaii’s policy and jurisdiction that offers subsidy and/or favorable tax rates for advanced industries and peoples.

  • Work with other INDIGENOUS GROUPS to broaden the reach of THE LAND OF ALOHA philosophy and system. (Currently in discussion with one Native American Nation.)

  • Develop a national identity authentication system, i.e., passport issuance and control.

  • Implement smart contract technology.


<Fundamental Economic Concept for Land of Aloha Projects>

We believe in the ONENESS of earth and humankind. This philosophy is based on the ideas of indigenous peoples.  Integrating advanced technologies and systems with this philosophy is paramount.

The current model of society puts priority on economic interests first, people second, and earth third. We are going to re-prioritize this model to earth first, people second, and economic interests third. This is the principle way of life of indigenous peoples, where mindfully taking care of mother earth is a primal priority. In the Land of Aloha all industries and peoples must function with this as its most important mission.

Upcoming System

Stay tuned for updated information.